Be guided by purpose

Technical Path

  • 2002  Established the first domestic SMD LED packaging lines

  • 2005  Approved high power ceramic led patent, package technology and package product

  • 2006  DA-epoxy ohmic contact bottom line protection technology and patent

  • 2009  TOP LED. Technology improvement of die bounding, Refond was the first to promote the 30mA driven TOP LED

  • 2010  LED TV backlight overall solution and products; High power package phosphor coating technology improvement and lens molding technology

  • 2011  Promoted TOP LED 4014, 7020

  • 2012  High power LED phosphor KL graphical coating; Promoted PCT TOP LED

  • 2013  High power LED eutectic bonding technology MP application

  • 2013  360°emitting package and filament product

  • 2014  CSP patent, technology and product solution; Inorganic package technology and product solution, EMC LED MP

  • 2015  Refond laboratory got CNAS certification

  • 2016  Flip chip on board 3D package technology awarded the first and second prize in national technical inventions.

  • 2017  Micro lens production technology and package application solution


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